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Going to check out Tribecca Flashpoint in Chicago this Friday or Saturday to see if it's a good idea to continue education there in a similar subject. If enough credits transfer over for something, I'll consider attending there. It's too hard to find a job in art or graphic design these days, I heard 50% of college students right now are unemployed. But Tribecca is more hands on and do real world projects, so they say at least. So maybe that will help more. I might look into Video Production/Photography, or Interactive Media... or maybe getting deeper into Graphic Design.

Anyway, I went to Acen. I went with a new friend who happened to go to the Art Institute too, and we had a blast dressing up as Anonymous. I wish every weekend could just be like that, the people there are always so awesome.

____2013 Quick Edit:

I know I don't use this site much anymore and I haven't been keeping up with all the submissions people are submitting... sorry... I've been really busy with life stuff. Most of my recent work is all video work that no one here would want to see because it's all corporate boring stuff. And for my biggest art project, I've been feeling paranoid that someone will steal it or something, so I'm not posting any of that work. I know people seem to do that sort of thing on a public art place. Once I get a storyboard animatic of my animated music video you can bet I'll post it up here though. I also did a little animatic for a teacher that pitched a cartoon to Cartoon Network that was turned down a long time ago, but they had us work on promotional material. He really loved what I had so far and in the time I did it... I found a profession voice actor and just made it look epic.

Anyway, been going to Flashpoint for awhile now, started in film, but decided to switch my major after one semester... the real-world film atmosphere can be a little too dickish and probably wouldn't lead to something steady and only gigs here and there. But I could probably PA for one of the students I went with if I needed a gig, so maybe there's connections right there.

I switched to Visual Communications aka Graphic Design. It's... a new major there. Sooo... it's apparent to the only 9 people in the class that the college has no clue where to go with the classes. They hardly focus on web design, which is what 90% of what most graphic design jobs require you to know. But thankfully I found a new interest that I've been excelling at, MOTION GRAPHICS! It feels awesome making things move, kind of like making a music video by scratch. It's aggravating at the same time too though. Still making amvs... but rarely. Also, I've deleted some old entries I made. I saved them out before that. I plan to go to Acen again of course, as long as there's anyone to go with.

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Thank-you for the fav!! Emoji02 
Hello!! Welcome to the Rangers! :iconthe-da-ranger-group: :highfive: :hug: We're happy ta have ya in the club!! ^___^
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Thanks for adding on your favorites my photo of Boracay vacation.
Thanks for the watch!
sephonica Apr 9, 2010
Heyas! =O
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